Here’s a hefty article I’ve written in 2005. Back then, the editor of this website had the idea of making a European internet portal. Although the project is not dead yet (It’s simply hibernating…or agonizing), I’ve decided to post an old article here. Don’t be to harsh on judging, since it’s not exactly a serious article.

-The original cultures which inhabited Europe were peaceful, women worshiping, agriculture loving mongrels. Than, the Indo-European tribes came. They were shepherds, in their spare time. As a permanent job, they had pillaging and forced settling. However, after a great deal of wars and destruction of flourishing civilizations (see the Greek destruction of the Mycenaean civilization), a state of peace was established.

-Antiquity ! The golden age of man. All arts flourished and civilization was at one of its peaks. The city states from that period were examples of organization and even put the basis of democracy. Although established on basis of war these cities had ”abnormaly” responsible and civilised inhabitants. But as most civilizations reach their peak , they either disappear or become pale shades of what they once stood for.
Nations like Egypt and Greece were assimilated by the warlike Roman Republic (Empire, after Caesar). However, unlike most conquerors, Rome actually learnt from the conquered and developed an superior culture and form of organization. After this the migratory populations came and tossed Europe in the Dark Age of Man (although some claim that we live the Dark Age of Man). For these people the main economical branch and at times the only economical branch was war !

-The Middle Ages were happy times : kill or be killed. War was a general state in most Medieval countries. The Modern Ages didn’t bring much of a change. The fall of Europe’s great empires had to be celebrated with something grand. And what other great thing to do, than a World War. Party on ,people ! The second World War came out of hatred on a wounded and bleeding Europe,which was literally trashed by the second conflagration.

-Nowadays, war is everywhere, and come to think of it, every great war brought a new age of man. Not only to Europe but to the whole world. However, European wars set the tone everywhere else…so open your mouth and breathe the air of a forthcoming war !



Your ol’ buddy, Kro$$fire !