Ladies and gentlemen, on the 5th of February, the President of USA, Mr. George W. Bush, has stunned us again with his incomprehensible paranoia towards defence. A staggering 714 billion dollars will go towards defence, about 26.8% of the US budget and 5% of USA’s GDP. Such impressive amounts of spending in defence apparently amount for what was spent on defence during the Cold War (5-7% during the Cold War).

Now, we all know that back in the Cold War, Soviet Union did threatened the very existence of the entire capitalist world, and its weapons were a strong deterrent for any state in the world. So what would make US government go berserk with defence spending now, when we are far from any perspective of Doomsday? There are two main reasons (besides the strong lobby from the military-industrial complex). One is the two wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) both in which US has been quite humiliated. The great and mighty US army cannot defeat a bunch of washout, poor fed and poor equipped “freedom fighters”, although I would not blame the US army for that, they are just trained to deal with a different type of situation (remember how well it performed when invading Iraq). The second one is the world terrorist threat. The so-called terrorists that lurk somewhere in the world, although we have not heard much from them for a while now, they all have their plots unfolded. Yet if we compare these two arguments, we still end up far from the threat that USSR posed 18 years ago. So what is going on?

The answer is more the obvious: ALIENS!

Yes people, aliens will invade earth and USA is the only country knowing this and trying to prepare for the imminent invasion. (sorry, but it does seem like the only rational explanation).