Once upon a time in a blissful place of forests, glades and lakes appeared a Dictator. He (of course it was a he) was greedy and evil beyond measure, and quickly made his mind to usurp the whole place where people knew no troubles. In no time did he gather everyone and proclaimed himself to be the new master of all, everpresent and evervigilant. The world was his, and nobody could object to his rule.

As he was gloating over the pathetic minions who lost their freedom to him, he was approached by his team of trusted advisors. “You are at great risk now” – said they. “We are the only people you can trust to shield you from danger of haters and rebels. You have to favour us – give us the share of your power, and we would be your trusted helpers always”. And so the Dictator did.

Next came the military of the country, and this they said: “We are many, and we have guns. We do not care for your rule or anyone else`s. But we don`t object to your presence either. Give us the share of your power, and we would serve you loyally from now on”. And so the Dictator did.

Next came the police of the country, and voiced their cliams: “Your enemies are many, and they all plot against you. We hunt them night and day, and it`s a hard job. Without us you are not safe, and for this we want to live better than the rest. Share your power with us – you have much of it as it is”. And so the Dictator did.

Next came the judges, and appealed to Dictator`s reason: “The criminals the police catch are fearless, for they know they did no wrong in plotting against you. Bars and chains do not break their spirits. We need harsher measures to punish them and make the rest fear you – and for this we need your power”. And so the Dictator gave them some.

Next came the aristocracy of the country, and complimented the Dictator: “Your Highness, we worked hard for our capital and social standing, and the same maggots who seek to overthrow you want to kill us too. Give us the share of your power, so we can keep the unwashed peasants in check”. And the Dictator reluctantly did this.

Finally came to Dictator his trusted Foreign Minister and said: “Your Highness, it is well known the rest of the world hate you, for you call yourself Dictator. In my opinion, we can prevent a war with all of them if we but do a few minor changes, for formality only. It is my suggestion that we change your official title to President, and hold elections once in a while (just to keep rebels in check, eh?). Also, there should be some sort of puppet opposition, let`s call it Parliament, where village elders would gather once in a while and debate on matters useless and uninteresting. You would still be our benevolent Dictator, but all the others would be fooled into thinking you are not, and you do not have to fear for your life no more. This would be a very wise decision”.

And so the dictator ruled the land of paradise from then on, untill one day he choked on a cherry from a jar.

Guest article by Tovarish