Ukranian Defense Ministry claims its armed forces relocation has nothing to do with Russia specifically, but is a process of spreading army more evenly across the country (original article in Russian). Defence Minister Yuri Ekhanurov recently stated(rus): “The recent Caucasus situation development makes every country think about its ability to deal with new challenges. It seems it is not so quiet, and Europe can still have armed conflicts”.

Touché, Monsieur Ekhanuroff. The challenges indeed makes you think. It puzzles me, however, what kind of thoughts make you reinforce your army positions along all of the borderline. Perhaps you got a tip that a full-scale assault of two-headed reptilians from Alpha Centauri is due to start the coming Tuesday straight after morning tea? What kind of threats does Ukraine fear in Europe? Moreover, what kind of threats does it think it can REALLY tackle? It seems to me Mr. Obama would be more reluctant than his predecessor  to fish you out of the pot once the soup starts boiling.


The most probable threat Ukraine is preparing to face

Guest article by Tovarish