Greece’s riots are a sign of the economic time

Well, it certainly seems that the predictions of this humble author were not entirely empty make-believes. One should keep in mind that riots and public unrest are in no way a novelty to Greece – in fact just about every major event spawns a series of unrest followed by looting and fighting – be it Olympics, EU summit or other thing. However, unrests that last for weeks at the time are indeed something the government should take as a sign to start worrying. If an average Greek Kostas can stay off Frape and the game of tavli for more than a couple of days to partake in some demonstration, it can only mean that this time he`s angry for real. And a kind word of reassurance that life would be better tomorrow would not work by that stage.

Change is needed, and not just a mere transition of powers between Pasok and their counterparts, but a full-time transition. And there is only one party left after the big two are gone – the communist KKE. Why, I can practically envision mass executions, the hand of KGB in every major country affair big and small and red draping hanging on every wall. This is, of course, what the Greek prime minister would like his people to believe in the last desperate attempt to cling to his big boss chair. Sadly for him, the time when his word was trusted is rapidly coming to an end. Do we have to point you to the door, Mr. Karamanlis? Don`t forget your shoes on the way out – someone might not resist the temptation of a modern shoe-tossing trend.

Guest article by Tovarish