I am a simple person, much like everyone else. Maybe what makes me a bit different is that I really like to think about the things around us. I do not think of the world as my city, or my country, or even our own beloved planet. I think of the world as this entire huge, unimaginable universe that stretches all around us. We are small “things” in a BIG world, and believe it or not… we are alone (I do not see why any alien race would be interested in our own happiness, does not seem like their business). So if we are all here, why not try to make it a better place, why not try to make our big, childish dreams go on.

When we were kids we used to dream so much. What happened? We grew up right? But where does it say that when you grow up you cannot dream.

I dare to dream. I like to dream, and I like to believe that my dreams are not just dreams, but are good thoughts that I like to share with everyone. You would be surprised how many of us share the same dreams.

5 Responses to “About me”

  1. Dread Knight Says:

    I could be the one saying the things above. You are not alone dear friend 😉

  2. wpolitika Says:


    Strange thing you ended up in this blog. Few people do and even fewer read other pages besides the usual articles.

    Where are you from ?

  3. anthon mark jay Says:

    nice posts….

  4. k Says:

    cheers for the analyses!

  5. Simple Person: Where are youuu!!? lol

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