I wonder how many people ask themselves: “How is the world today?” Is it good? Is it bad? Could it be somewhat different? So many questions, but most are targeted of how things should be rather than what they really are. It is quite challenging to make a short and concise analysis of “what is now”. Yet I will try to do my best and in such a way that everyone can understand, and I will refer to the world not as the whole Universe but as our human world, our small society that we managed to build on this God forsaken planet.

We most likely live times that would have been hard to understand for people 100 years ago; hell, they are hard to understand for our grandparents and they are less than 100 years. Ever increasing technological and scientific development have brought us in a world that it is very different from the one we were design for (as beings we have not changed for 15,000 year), for the times when we were roaming freely, hunting animals and fighting all sorts of creatures that could not stand us. From those primitive times, sitting friendly around the fire in a cave to today’s high-tech world when I am sitting now in a cosy library writing on my laptop these lines… everything (even the weather) has changed… except us, we are the same and still searching for the same things, a better life and a little bit of happiness.

We live in a strange, complex world, with most people actively working, thinking, moving, all driven by some unknown force that I believe no one really understands (it could be money, it could be pleasure, it could be happiness, it might as well be insanity). We are surrounded by stimulus of all sorts of types, from the roaring sounds of the ever-busy cities to the vivid colour imagines of TVs and computers. We are bombarded by information from all directions and most of the time we do not know what to make of it. The “infotainment” business seems to be doing well with all this: just make information a little bit more “appealing” and people will have a far better time receiving it regardless of what it is or what it means. After all, when you do not know what to think of the world any reasonable answer would do. Some argue that we have become like little cogs or some sort of zombies, brain washed and spoon-fed. NO, we are not like that at all, maybe we are just a little bit confused.

The world we live in is mostly free, although we have little idea what we can do with all this freedom. People are mostly tolerant although sometimes they do get angry out of small or big things and become more radical. Many of us are aware that we are all humans, that we have the same rights and that there are things, which are bad and things, which are good. We do not mind helping others in need, especially if we do not have much to lose, and we like to love what we see as nice and beautiful.

The world we live in has its dark sides. Some of us still suffer for reasons they cannot understand. Some of us still regret that somewhere, someone made a wrong turn. Some of us still fight for things they do not comprehend. Some of us still believe that lying, killing and being a complete bastard is not as bad as it seems. Some of us still find joy in the suffering of others…

The best thing about our world is that you able to choose from so many possibilities, but sadly, we really do not know what to choose. The world we live in is so full of lights and thoughts that we do not know what to make of it exactly; we do not know where to start thinking of it and where to end. The world seems for some such a big and diverse place that they easily get lost in it. There is hardly any enthusiasm for what there is, or what the future might be. There is a strong apathy everywhere, deeply hidden in our souls. But somehow things will change, they always do, and hopefully, always for better.


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